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BA (Hons) Marketing - 2 Years
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BA (HONS) Marketing – 2 years





Why take this course?

1. A two-year programme is both cost and time effective.

    By taking a two-year degree programme rather than the normal three-year degree

    courses students obtain two main benefits:

  • Firstly, Financial. Students both save money by reducing their living costs by a year and also gain an extra year of work and so salary.
  • Secondly, Career. The intensive two-year degree programme gives an experience far that is similar to the work environment, with a results-orientation within tight deadlines. An extra year in the work-place can help accelerate promotion and career prospects.

2. Specialist modules in Market Research, Marketing Communications, E- Marketing, Contemporary Issues in Marketing and International Marketing. 

  •  The modules on the University of Wales degree are specially designed for tomorrow’s marketing professionals.

3. Provides strong foundation for further study.

  • A growing number of employers now specify the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Postgraduate Diploma for marketing and sales positions.
  • A university of Wales BA (Hons) Marketing will give students exemptions of like-for-like subjects on CIM professinal qualifications.

4. Strong focus on vocational relevance blending theory with practice.

  • This course aims to equip students with not only theoretical and academic knowledge, but also practical skills which can be taken into the work place.
  • Case studies and real company examples will encourage students to hone their knowledge and apply the theory to practice.

5. Exciting prospects in a variety of marketing areas.

  • After graduation, students can choose to focus their career in the exciting and dynamic marketing industry specialising in advertising, public relations or sales within a large or small business in profit-making or non-profit making organisations. 


The course contains eighteen modules. The assessments are exams and coursework based as shown below.

Students have to pass 18 modules to be awarded the BA (Hons) Marketing . 

No Modules Level 4                                       
1 Business Communications  
2 Business Management  
3 Business Accounting  
4 Business Economics  
5 IT Management  
6 Marketing  
No Modules Level5  
7 Business Law  
8 HR Management  
9 Management Accounting  
10 Financial Management  
11 Market Research  
12 Market Communications  
No Modules Level 6  
13 Corporate Strategy  
14 Contemporary Issues in Management  
15 International Marketing
16 E-Marketing  
17 Contemporary Issues in Marketing
Plus 1 Option(Modules 18) from the following:
International Marketing  
Strategic IT Management
Human Factors in Computing
Performance Management   
Corporate Finance  
Financial Reporting

 Each Module is marked out of 100 (%mark) with the pass mark being 40%.

When a student passes 18 subjects the Honours degree classification will depend upon the Grade Point Average (GPA) of modules studied at Level 6. 

Grade Point Average Award
70-100 BA Honours First Class
60-69 BA Honours Upper second Class
50-59 BA Honours Lower second Class
40-49 BA Honours Third Class

The class of the Honours Degree is very important for the student's future career and/or further study.

Course Duration and structure

The course duration is 24 months of full-time study, with four possible start dates in January, April, July or October every year. 

Course Start Date Course Finish Date Course Duration
October 2012 October 2014 24 months
January 2013 January 2015 24 months
April 2013 April 2015

24 months

July 2013 July 2015 24 months

The two year (24 months) course is divided into seven terms and students study 3 modules per term for the first four terms with 2 modules per term for the final three terms.

The BA course has a flexible structure leading up to the final year, in which the Level 6 (Year Three) modules must be taken over a minimum of nine months / three semesters.  

Term Duration Study
1 3 months 2 modules from Level 4
2 3 months 2 modules from Level 4
3 3 months 2 modules from Level 4
4 3 months 3 modules from Level 5
5 3 months 3 modules from Level 5
6 3 months 2 modules from Level 6
7 3 months 2 modules from Level 6
8 3 months 2 modules from Level 6
Total 24 months 18 modules


Entry Requirements

Entry onto the BA (Hons) Marketing is the standard University of Wales matriculation requirements. Applicants must provide secondary education qualifications of British A-level standard, or relevant equivalent professional qualification. Those with full and partial professional qualifications e.g. ACCA, CIMA, CIM, ICSA can apply for exemptions and will be considered on a case by case basis. Experienced students without these formal qualifications but are also invited to apply, by submission of relevant work references. 

Candidates must have a minimum English certification comparable to an IELTS level of 6.0.